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Important Customer Information

PC remedies (more recently called Vital Remedies) have been used with consistently effective results in Africa since 2002 for treating epidemic diseases and trauma. To achieve similar results in the West and with chronic conditions a multi layered approach is generally needed over a longer period of time.

In the west PC remedies are currently approved only for use by homeopaths (or in other approved, carefully researched and supported contexts) and we recommend an appropriate level of training in how to use the resonances safely and effectively. Our new organisation, Source Medicine, is developing a ground-breaking new case-taking system as well as a new generation of Source Resonances specifically designed for the Western population, including sound and light resonances adapted for reliable use over the internet.

For customers from Detox Zone, Healing Downloads and Natural Buddhas:

Please note that we are closing these sites whilst we upgrade the PC technology behind the on-line streaming of sound resonances. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and if you have any concerns or would like information about Source Medicine Practitioners please do contact us at

Future developments

We will be launching the new Source Resonances as a part of Source Medicine, with one central website at covering health, mindfulness, agriculture, sports performance, learning and other applications of the resonances. The health and wellbeing zone will include a public pharmacy of first aid resonances, an on-line clinic and practitioner pharmacy (supplying pills, liquids, sound and light resonances), specialist treatment programmes, supported self-help programmes and practitioner training programmes.

We are currently developing a Level One on-line training programme and a Level Two seminar training for homeopaths and other health practitioners. In future there will also be an Accredited Practitioner training. Please contact for further information.

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Homeopathy initially became widely accepted and popular world wide because it was supremely successful in treating the epidemic diseases of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Frequently one main homeopathic remedy was effective in treating a specific epidemic disease which swept the world, which sometimes affected hundreds of millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of cases of these highly beneficial and often life saving treatments have been recorded and documented in the past. The full implications of this have only recently been appreciated, aided by the evolving field of epigenetics and our own ten+ years of research.

The creators of this website are long-term classical homeopaths who have been working with the current epidemic diseases, affecting hundreds of millions of people, especially those found in Africa (AIDS, malaria, TB, gonorrhoea etc.). We have taken the normal homeopathic approach to epidemic diseases - genus epidemicus - and, using a new approach to making remedies which we call resonances, refined to a single resonance/remedy for each disease. This is a completely new breakthrough, not a rehash of old methods. This means that, at the level of epidemic diseases, homeopathic prescriptions are based on the diagnosis. This is a major step forward and makes homeopathy eminently practical in the treatment of epidemic diseases. We have shown this works amazingly well in practice in thousands of cases across a wide range of serious epidemic diseases. We provide the resonances for a wide range of epidemic diseases on this site, including many western epidemics like Lymes, herpes, flu, mono, fungal infections, chlamydia, candida, the common cold and warts. As well as resonances for all the main endemic and epidemic diseases of Africa.

The last century saw the greatest man-made traumatic events in the history of the human race: traumas such as the violence of war, genocide and rape. Everyone responds in a similar way to overwhelming traumas, the effects of which can last for decades and for generations, and these can be resolved rapidly and deeply using trauma remedies specific to the cause in the same way as treating epidemic diseases. We have provided the means of dealing with this in the form of trauma resonances available on this website. We have demonstrated that this works in tens of thousands of cases.

The modern science of epigenetics provides the foundation, to what homeopaths previously called miasms, and shows that we inherit the after effects of the traumas and epidemic diseases of the previous generations in all their forms. This means that everyone alive is now living out the traumas of the previous generation, and that these traumas, along with the inherited effects of epidemic diseases, are a significant contributing cause of all chronic diseases in people, including the so-called lifestyle diseases.

Realizing this, and realizing that the same principles of treatment still apply, we have applied this understanding to the treatment of chronic diseases and this website provides the means to do this in the form of chronic disease resonances/remedies. Case studies from around the world for chronic fatigue syndrome, dementia, bulimia, Crohn's, diabetes, eczema, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, obsessive compulsive disorder, Parkinson's etc demonstrate that these disease-specific remedies, ideally supervised by a homeopath who understands holistic case management and the full range of homeopathic approaches, can significantly improve the results in treating chronic diseases.

This profound yet simple step bridges one major gap between the current western medical paradigm and the homeopathic paradigm. One treatment, one disease. However there are still very significant differences! Our research into diseases has also shown that that all forms of traumas and diseases are primary forces for good that are motivating humanity in its journey of awakening to its purpose. Diseases are normally not then to be attacked or seen as wrong - instead they are to be seen as a form of inner conversation and a way of waking ourselves up to our true nature, conscious awareness in form. In this context, attacking diseases is counterproductive.

Also we know that diseases are sub-acute infections of originally acute diseases. The particular sub-acute disease can only sometimes be identified. In chronic diseases several sub-acute diseases may have merged together, or become sequentially reactive. Recovery means that acute processes surface and it is critical in case management to recognise and facilitate this, and not to repress it. To understand the process of cure is to understand that it is a continuum from disease to health marked by systematic steps to a healthy mind/body state of wellbeing, feeling great and absence of symptoms. Conventional medicine attacks symptoms without understanding the implications, that it drives disease deeper and effectively shortens the life span. This is a paradigm shift that requires significant medical re-education.

This treatment is safe, effective, low skill, low tech, knows no therapy resistance and is without side effects. Even in the most remote places, far from any medical facility, the method can be used successfully. Used widely, this could transform disease treatment of the world and provide affordable, effective treatment to everyone.

To make this new approach widely available requires the active participation of the homeopathic community to embrace these new ideas and to use this approach in practice. This will provide the overwhelming body of evidence that this new improvement to homeopathy works and that homeopathy can then become an increasingly powerful force for good in healing the world.

For legal and skill reasons this website is not available to the general public. The public can go to a homeopath for such treatment. Because these ideas are very new, you will not find many homeopaths familiar with them so you may need to draw their attention to this website and the book Homeopathy for Diseases available from Homeolinks Publishers. The book fully explains this significant extension of homeopathy, providing theory and practice. Therapists of any denomination (and the informed public) will find this book accessible and informative of this new method and it may seriously help them with their clients, providing a supportive treatment complementing their speciality. There is also more information in the FAQs.

If you are a doctor, medical practitioner or therapist qualified in any form of holistic medical practice you can ask us for help in accessing this web site.